Happiness is not just a mood - it's a work ethic

Shawn Achor -Happiness Advantage

Are you a small to medium size Creative, Digital, IT or Finance company that wants to create the best version of your business? Then get excited about starting your Flo journey!

Your employees are your best assets: For your business to thrive, they need to thrive.

Are you ready to create a workforce that:

  • Are motivated to grow and develop in your business
  • Are creatively inspired and connected to each other
  • Feel more engaged with their work and your business
  • Enjoy working in your business and want to stay for longer
  • Have a higher level of meaning and fulfilment at work
  • Feel valued by you and know their wellbeing is a priority

Research has suggested that happy people are:

  • 31% more productive
  • 3 times more creative
  • less likely to be absent from work
  • less likely to leave their job
  • have 37% higher sales

Are you ready to increase your productivity and profitability?

Your first step towards your employees and business getting into flow and thriving is to apply for a complimentary consultation with Claire Paul - Founder of Flo Agency.