Mindfulness -  Effectively manage reactions and emotions, reduce ruminating about the past and worrying about the future. Gain a more positive focus on the present and less anxiety at work.

Resilience Training - Explore behaviours, resources and strategies to utilise in order to 'bounce forward' and adapt to change, stress and increasing workloads.  Support creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Relaxation - Increase feelings of calm and reduce feelings of overwhelm. Improve the quality of sleep, insomnia issues and feel refreshed.

Breath Awareness - As stressed adults, we forget to breath properly. Reduce tension in the body and calm the fight/flight/freeze response.

Meditation - Quieten down your monkey minds and create space for inspiration. No need to sit crossed legged on the floor and chant om (this can be arranged though!). Practice anywhere, at any time, all it takes is a few minutes of focus.

Desk Yoga - Stretch at your desk, ease tension in your shoulders, neck, legs, back, quieten your mind and come out renewed.

Flo - Our ultimate Flo Agency workshop that includes a relevant mix of  the above workshops. It is presented in a longer format to enable your team to delve deeper and create space for ideas and for creativity to flow. Perfect to encourage team cohesion and generate inspiration for your business. We can facilitate a day or half a day team training that incorporates your business goals, so that by the end of the training the team feels more in flow and further forward with their projects.


Immersing in our stress relieving workshops can help even the busiest of minds to slow down. Taking time out of a busy workday refreshes your workforce by giving them a brain break, encouraging their creative flow.

Workshops last 45 minutes and can be presented at lunchtime, during the day or to delve deeper, longer sessions such as during a training day or working within teams.

Our practical workshop enable your workforce to experience and learn techniques to incorporate at work and in their everyday lives.